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An easy-to-use tool for building and sending Discord messages and embeds using webhooks.

Live instance is available at

Running via Container

This application is setup to publish a container image to This image can be run with podman, docker, or another service compliant with the OCI. The image can be run from the command line with the following command or in the desktop guis (podman desktop guide)

# Replace 'podman' with 'docker' if using that, the command is equivalent
# Add --rm if you want the container to be removed automatically after being stopped
# If necesary, change the second 3000 to change which port on the local computer the app is bound to
podman run -d -p 3000:3000

Local build and run

Requires Node.js 16 and the Yarn package manager installed

# Install dependencies
yarn install

# Run a development server
yarn run dev

# Run a production server
yarn run build
yarn run start