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Tangerine Nightmare

β‹± Capture Contexts with Composable Continuations

This library implements several match-expanders which can be used anywhere racket/match pattern-matching is available. β‹± , β‹±+ , and β‹±1 are match-expanders which implement containment patterns. These descend into s-expressions to capture arbitrarily deep matches and their multi-holed contexts.

β‹± Why

I implemented containment patterns to write concise updates on nested structures for syntax-rewriting purposes in structured-editing and algebraic-stepper prototypes. See fructure for an actual use case, or for something simpler, this toy stepper. These are also integrated into fructerm.

β‹± How

Technically: an n-holed context is a captured composable continuation which can be used in a match template as a normal n-ary procedure. These continuations are captured as the pattern-matcher left-to-right preorder-traverses the target looking for matches.

Explicitly: The pattern (β‹± <context-name> <pattern>) binds a procedure to <context-name> and a <match> to <pattern> satisfying (equal? (<context> <matches>) target). β‹±+ is similar, but it binds a list of all matches instead of just the first result, and β‹±1 insists that the match should be unique.

Caveat: If you're using any matchers which have side-effects, note that the inner pattern is evaluated twice for each successful match.

β‹± Installation and Usage Instructions

  • Execute raco pkg install git://
  • Add (require containment-patterns)
  • Insert a β‹± in Dr. Racket by typing \ddo (diagonal dots) and then pressing alt+\

β‹± Usage Examples

See the tests in main.rkt for more examples and additional secret bonus features (which may not yet have found their final forms):

  1. Check if an item is contained in a nested list:
  (match `(0 (0 1) 2 3)
    [(β‹± 1) #t]))
  1. Extracting data from a nested context:
  (match `(0 (1 zap) 2 3)
    [(β‹± `(1 ,a)) a])
  1. Making an update in a nested context:
  (match '(0 0 (0 (0 0 (β–Ή 1)) 0 0))
    [(β‹± context `(β–Ή ,a))
     (β‹± context `(β–Ή ,(add1 a))])
  '(0 0 (0 (0 0 (β–Ή 2)) 0 0))
  1. Serial substitutions: (note how β‹±+ is optional in the template; a context is just a function)
(match '(0 1 (0 1 (1 0)) 0 1)
  [(β‹±+ c 1)
   (c 3 4 5 6)])
  1. Moving a cursor β–Ή through a traversal in a nested list of 0s and 1s:
  (match '(0 1 (0 1 (1 (β–Ή 0))) 0 1)
    [(β‹±+ c (and a (or `(β–Ή ,_) (? number?))))
     (β‹±+ c (match a [`(,x ... (β–Ή ,y) ,z ,w ...)
                      `(,@x ,y (β–Ή ,z) ,@w)]))])
  '(0 1 (0 1 (1 0)) (β–Ή 0) 1))


pattern combinators extending racket/match to capture πŸ”— contexts πŸ“¦



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