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Collusion changelog
(For Chrome and Safari)
Collusion for Chrome and Collusion for Safari let you visualize and, optionally,
block the invisible websites that track you.
--- June 30, 2012 --------------------------------------------------------------
v1.7 (Chrome)
v1.3 (Safari)
* Adjusts the dropdown margins for Chrome 20.
* Tweaks other Chrome and Safari spacing.
* Adds instructions for Safari developers.
--- June 25, 2012 --------------------------------------------------------------
v1.6 (Chrome)
v1.2 (Safari)
* Adds a changelog.
* Features dismissible update notifications.
* Blocks known tracking sites by default (click the top button to unblock).
* Shows real-time tracking counts by default (click the sidebar button to hide).
* Supports remote edits to the list of tracking sites.
* Plays nicely with Hotmail.
* Opens the dropdown faster.
* Activates scrollbars when the sidebar expands.
* Finds more favicons to include in the graph.
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