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Disconnect changelog
(For Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)
Disconnect stops third parties and search engines from tracking the webpages you
go to and searches you do.
--- July 11, 2012 --------------------------------------------------------------
v3.5 (Chrome)
v2.0 (Safari)
* Reimplements the code without a third-party framework for Safari.
* Adds a per-site whitelist (your filtering options are remembered by site).
* Updates the look and feel.
* Links to new and improved support resources.
* Extends AdBlock's porting library for developers.
* Expands the filtering coverage.
* Swaps LinkedIn for Digg on the list of services.
* Color-codes the tracking counter (gray indicates unblocked requests).
* Labels blocked and unblocked services more clearly.
* Removes search depersonalization (may be re-added later depending on demand).
* Reloads the active tab whenever a service is blocked or unblocked in Chrome.