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namespace Disco\classes;
* This file holds the Class MockBox.
* This little class helps empower our Router.
* Essentially it only does one thing by default without extension.
* It will always return itself from methods calls it doesn't actually have.
* WTF? Why would we need to do this? When we are dealing with large method chains
* and some action happens in which we want to purge an object, prevent instantiation of an object or generally
* let the method chain fail gracefully this really comes in handy. Instead of returning $this from the method in
* the chain we can return a MockBox that was only ever instantiated once, thus preventing extraneous class
* instantiation and speeding up your application.
* Trust us, we're from the Internet.
class MockBox {
* When a method is called that does not exist, just return $this back.
* @param string $method The method name being called.
* @param array $args The args passed to the method.
* @return self
public function __call($method, $args){
return $this;