Sample Application - The classic to-do list sample application using the Disco PHP Framework
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Classic To-Do List Sample Application

If you haven't used the Disco PHP Framework yet then this is a great place to get a sneak peek at how things can be handled with the framework.


  1. Multiple users / signup / login / edit account / delete account
  2. Create a to do
  3. Delete a to do
  4. Mark a to do as finished
  5. Delete a to do
  6. Summary stats of to dos
  7. We kept the application as simple as possible by not using any javascript or AJAX so that the focus is on the framework and not the front-end.


    git clone
    cd to-do-list
    composer install

    Then configure your Apache2 or Nginx web server to serve files out of the installed directory

    Configure your Database (DB) settings in the application configuration and make sure the schema `TO_DO_LIST` exists.

    Create the Database structure

    ```bash php public/index.php db-restore 'app/db' 'TO_DO_LIST_STRUCTURE.sql' ```

    Your good to go!