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What the hell is that? Do I need my own DNS server for disco?

I tried to use DNS forwarder but hell it does not allow these short names like "node1". Only
And why cant I use plain vanilla ip address? It should be the common denominator for every addressing scheme!

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Short DNS names means that bare hostnames (i.e. without the qualifying domain-names) should resolve in your disco cluster. This just rides on any existing DNS setup you probably have in your cluster, and just requires that all disco nodes reside in the same domain.

The restriction to short hostnames is due to a limitation in Erlang, which either supports short names or long names (i.e. FQDNs), but not a mixed configuration, or IP addresses. These issues could be worked around. but hasn't been a priority; patches happily accepted.

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Although the documentation says "you should be relying on DNS to resolve hostnames, not /etc/hosts on an individual machine" I'm doing just that. I have a small cluster and managing host files is a lot easier than setting up and maintaining a local DNS server.

So far, everything seems to work. Perhaps there are some "gotchas" that I don't (yet) know about?

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