Disco master crashes because of ddfs queries. #386

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The error message:

Supervisor: {<0.72.0>,disco_main}
Context: child_terminated

@pooya pooya was assigned Jan 21, 2014
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There may be a lot of timeouts when ddfs is queried too often. I have been able to reproduce this issue with the following steps:
1. Start disco.
2. Start a long running jobs with a lot of tasks (I use test_50k).
3. Run a lot of ddfs queries concurrently:
I use the following steps for doing so:

for i in $(seq 100)
echo test$i
ddfs chunk test$i ./AUTHORS &
ddfs xcat test$i &
ddfs rm test$i &

As soon as the http requests kick in, disco master will behave oddly. These are some of the behavior I have seen:

  • The cpu utilization drops on the master.
  • The disco web page loads very slowly.
  • No new worker tasks are started.
  • Sometimes there are some crashes. Almost all of them start from a timeout. These have been observed in different parts of the code.
  • Jobs fail because of these timeouts.
  • Sometimes different erlang processes fail without being restarted (they don't have a supervisor or they exceed the restart policy).
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Disco master has been made more resilient with increasing the timeouts for the more important gen_server calls.

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