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Discord Official API Documentation

This repo contains the official Discord API documentation, which can be viewed online HERE. Before submitting pull-requests, please remember to fully read the Contributing guidelines.

Markdown Syntax

This repository uses special markdown syntax that helps style the resulting web version of the documentation.

H6 Headings

H6 headings should be used above tables and code blocks to properly label them.


Links between docs can be achieved by using a hash symbol (#), plus the markdown file name, plus a slash, and finally the dash-separated anchor. For instance, to link to the above H6 heading section:

[Links to H6](#README/h6-headings)

Alert Boxes

Alert boxes are achieved by using a block quote that has one of 'warn', 'danger' or 'info' on the first line.

Join the Unofficial Discord API Server

The Unofficial Discord API server is a common hangout for library and bot developers alike. It's a great starting point for those looking to dive in and learn bot-creation with the Discord API.