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Discord Extreme List 5

Compile Discord Code style Crowdin

Licensing information viewable in the LICENSE file.

We welcome contributions to DEL! If you need any help contributing, please talk to us in our Discord server. Also, please have a look at

Note that we do not support running public clones of the project: you are allowed to do it if you follow the license, but we will not provide any support and it goes against the intent of this project. We are an open source project to provide transparency to our community and allow developers to contribute as they wish to improve the project. The following instructions are only intended for users running DEL in development to contribute.




DEL requires Node.js v18.15.0+. We recommend using the latest v20 LTS version.


A MongoDB instance is required - it must match the configuration in the settings.json file.


Redis or Memurai must be installed and running - it must match the configuration in the settings.json file.

NPM Packages

Install all of the dependencies by running npm i.


Rename settings.example.json to settings.json and fill it out appropriately, changing anything you need to change.

Running DEL

When you first start DEL, and every time you make a change to any of the .ts files, you will need to run npm run compile.

Run npm start to start DEL.