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hnb-ku DEV: Refactor and improvements
* converts some items to flexbox and removes old caret styles

* code refactor

The component now uses template literals for better readability.

This commit also minimizes the dropdown library

* adds scrollable menu feature on mobile

* code formatting and placeholder fix

* removes unwanted styles
Latest commit b57ecc4 Jan 14, 2019
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common DEV: Refactor and improvements Jan 14, 2019
desktop Update desktop.scss Aug 13, 2018
mobile DEV: Refactor and improvements Jan 14, 2019
LICENSE Initial commit Aug 12, 2018 Update Aug 13, 2018
about.json Update about.json Sep 11, 2018
settings.yml DEV: Refactor and improvements Jan 14, 2019


A theme component that allows you to build a header menu - with submenus - using plain text!

More information

jquery-dropdown courtesy of Cory LaViska - MIT license

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