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Team building activity for Discourse
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This plugin was extracted from a game the Discourse team played while meeting up in Montreal in 2019. The game is similar to a scavenger hunt, in that each player can check off an item that they did while on the trip. The player with the most items checked off wins the game.

Our items were based on experiences and team bonding. We also had a special item, which was to encourage team members to share a meal together. In that case, they could get one point per employee they spent time with.

Getting Started

After installing the plugin:

  1. Check the teambuild enabled site setting.

  2. Grant access to the game by assigning a teambuild access group. All members in that group will be able to participate.

  3. Create/Edit targets for your participants by visiting /team-build/manage

  • A regular target is a simple name (that supports emoji). For example: "Wear a hat 🎩"

  • A user group target will list all the members in the group as individual goals. For example "Say good morning to"

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