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voting_enabled: 'Allow users to vote on topics?'
voting_tl0_vote_limit: 'How many active votes are TL0 users allowed?'
voting_tl1_vote_limit: 'How many active votes are TL1 users allowed?'
voting_tl2_vote_limit: 'How many active votes are TL2 users allowed?'
voting_tl3_vote_limit: 'How many active votes are TL3 users allowed?'
voting_tl4_vote_limit: 'How many active votes are TL4 users allowed?'
voting_show_who_voted: 'Allow users to see who voted?'
voting_show_votes_on_profile: 'Allow users to see their votes in their activity feed?'
voting_alert_votes_left: 'Alert user when this many votes are left'