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Find file Copy path
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# frozen_string_literal: true
# Importer for phpBB 3.0 and 3.1
# Documentation:
if ARGV.length != 1 || !File.exists?(ARGV[0])
STDERR.puts '', 'Usage of phpBB3 importer:', 'bundle exec ruby phpbb3.rb <path/to/settings.yml>'
STDERR.puts '', "Use the settings file from #{File.expand_path('phpbb3/settings.yml', File.dirname(__FILE__))} as an example."
STDERR.puts '', 'Still having problems? Take a look at'
exit 1
module ImportScripts
module PhpBB3
require_relative 'phpbb3/support/settings'
require_relative 'phpbb3/database/database'
@settings = Settings.load(ARGV[0])
# We need to load the gem files for ruby-bbcode-to-md and the database adapter
# (e.g. mysql2) before bundler gets initialized by the base importer.
# Otherwise we get an error since those gems are not always in the Gemfile.
require 'ruby-bbcode-to-md' if @settings.use_bbcode_to_md
@database = Database.create(@settings.database)
rescue UnsupportedVersionError => error
STDERR.puts '', error.message
exit 1
require_relative 'phpbb3/importer', @database).perform
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