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# This is an example settings file for the phpBB3 importer.
type: MySQL # currently only MySQL is supported
host: localhost
port: 3306
username: root
schema: phpbb
table_prefix: phpbb_ # Change this, if your forum is using a different prefix. Usually all table names start with phpbb_
batch_size: 1000 # Don't change this unless you know what you're doing. The default (1000) should work just fine.
# WARNING: Do not activate this option unless you know what you are doing.
# It will probably break the BBCode to Markdown conversion and slows down your import.
use_bbcode_to_md: false
# This is the path to the root directory of your current phpBB installation (or a copy of it).
# The importer expects to find the /files and /images directories within the base directory.
# You need to change this to something like /var/www/phpbb if you are not using the Docker based importer.
# This is only needed if you want to import avatars, attachments or custom smilies.
phpbb_base_dir: /shared/import/data
# this is needed for rewriting internal links in posts
original: # without http(s)://
new: # with http:// or https://
# Enable this, if you want to redirect old forum links to the the new locations.
categories: true # redirects /viewforum.php?f=1 to /c/category-name
topics: true # redirects /viewtopic.php?f=6&t=43 to /t/topic-name/81
posts: false # redirects /viewtopic.php?p=2455#p2455 to /t/topic-name/81/4
# Append a prefix to each type of link, e.g. 'forum' to redirect /forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=43 to /t/topic-name/81
# Leave it empty if your forum wasn't installed in a subfolder.
uploaded: true # import uploaded avatars
gallery: true # import the predefined avatars phpBB offers
remote: false # WARNING: This can considerably slow down your import. It will try to download remote avatars.
# When true: Anonymous users are imported as suspended users. They can't login and have no email address.
# When false: The system user will be used for all anonymous users.
anonymous_users: true
# Enable this, if you want import password hashes in order to use the "migratepassword" plugin.
# This will allow users to login with their current password.
# The plugin is available at:
passwords: false
# By default all the following things get imported. You can disable them by setting them to false.
bookmarks: true
attachments: true
private_messages: true
polls: true
# When true: each imported user will have the original username from phpBB as its name
# When false: the name of each imported user will be blank unless the username was changed during import
username_as_name: false
# Map Emojis to smilies used in phpBB. Most of the default smilies already have a mapping, but you can override
# the mappings here, if you don't like some of them.
# The mapping syntax is: emoji_name: 'smiley_in_phpbb'
# Or map multiple smilies to one Emoji: emoji_name: ['smiley1', 'smiley2']
# here are two example mappings...
smiley: [':D', ':-D', ':grin:']
heart: ':love:'
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