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DEV: Exclude i18n .yml files from Sublime Text project. (#6473)

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udan11 authored and ZogStriP committed Oct 10, 2018
1 parent c84415b commit bd41e0b820cb2ffaa85e130f67d157007017329d
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +4 −1 discourse.sublime-project
@@ -6,7 +6,10 @@
"folder_exclude_patterns": ["external", "external_development", "external_production", "images", "imported", "fonts", "defer"],
"file_exclude_patterns": ["i18n.js"]
{ "path": "config" },
"path": "config",
"file_exclude_patterns": ["*.ar.yml", "*.bg.yml", "*.bs_BA.yml", "*.ca.yml", "*.cs.yml", "*.da.yml", "*.de.yml", "*.el.yml", "*.es.yml", "*.et.yml", "*.fa_IR.yml", "*.fi.yml", "*.fr.yml", "*.gl.yml", "*.he.yml", "*.hu.yml", "*.id.yml", "*.it.yml", "*.ja.yml", "*.ko.yml", "*.lt.yml", "*.lv.yml", "*.nb_NO.yml", "*.nl.yml", "*.pl_PL.yml", "*.pt.yml", "*.pt_BR.yml", "*.ro.yml", "*.ru.yml", "*.sk.yml", "*.sl.yml", "*.sq.yml", "*.sr.yml", "*.sv.yml", "*.sw.yml", "*.te.yml", "*.th.yml", "*.tr_TR.yml", "*.uk.yml", "*.ur.yml", "*.vi.yml", "*.zh_CN.yml", "*.zh_TW.yml"]
"path": "db",
"file_exclude_patterns": ["*.sqlite3"]

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