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Commits on May 3, 2015
  1. @ZogStriP

    Merge pull request #3423 from gschlager/polls-refactor

    ZogStriP authored
    Extract the parsing of polls
  2. @ZogStriP

    Merge pull request #3421 from gschlager/poll

    ZogStriP authored
    FIX: closed polls with no votes showed NaN as percentage and average
  3. @ZogStriP

    Merge pull request #3424 from Elberet/patch-1

    ZogStriP authored
    Fix: @mention dialect matches too often
  4. @Elberet
Commits on May 2, 2015
  1. @gschlager
  2. @coding-horror
  3. @coding-horror
Commits on May 1, 2015
  1. @gschlager
  2. @coding-horror

    Merge pull request #3419 from techAPJ/patch-1

    coding-horror authored
    FIX: include youtube link in embedded comments
  3. @nlalonde
  4. @ZogStriP
  5. @ZogStriP
  6. @ZogStriP
  7. @techAPJ
  8. @coding-horror
  9. @coding-horror
  10. @coding-horror
  11. @ZogStriP

    Merge pull request #3418 from Elberet/supsup

    ZogStriP authored
    Apply fix against nested SUP tags to preview
  12. @coding-horror
  13. @coding-horror
  14. @SamSaffron
  15. @SamSaffron

    FIX: distributed cache failing to clear certain values sometimes

    SamSaffron authored
    this makes the cache resilient to cross machine / forking concerns
Commits on Apr 30, 2015
  1. @eviltrout

    FIX: Permission issues when editing topics

    eviltrout authored
    If a user can't create a topic in a category, they should'be be
    able to edit topics.
  2. @Elberet
  3. @eviltrout

    Merge pull request #3417 from techAPJ/patch-2

    eviltrout authored
    FIX: flagging topic was giving error message
  4. @techAPJ
  5. @nlalonde

    FIX: crawler pages and RSS had broken links for sites deployed to a s…

    nlalonde authored
    …ubfolder with relative_url_root
  6. @ZogStriP
  7. @SamSaffron
  8. @SamSaffron

    remove unused setting

    SamSaffron authored
  9. @SamSaffron

    Merge pull request #3414 from riking/notifications-patches

    SamSaffron authored
    Missed localization key
Commits on Apr 29, 2015
  1. @riking

    Missed localization key

    riking authored
  2. @ZogStriP
  3. @ZogStriP

    fix ruby const warning

    ZogStriP authored
  4. @ZogStriP
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