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Initial badge system implementation #2115

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Sorry about the huge diff, will be sure to keep it smaller in the future.

This implements:

  • Backend models and stuff
  • API for granting / revoking badges
  • Admin UI for creating badges

You've signed the CLA, vikhyat. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.


The travis error is that JSHint failed. @nschonni is there any way to tell travis that JSHint failing should be a fail, not an error?

adminjs/routes/admin_badges_route.js: line 7, col 46, 'model' is defined but never used.

app/assets/javascripts/admin/routes/admin_badges_route.js: line 7, col 46, 'model' is defined but never used.


If the linting is moved to the script section then it will mark it as a failure rather than an error. I put it into the before_install to act as a fast fail since the gem install process is rather long.


@SamSaffron I had not null constraints on those fields originally but they were causing the shoulda tests to fail... Should I get rid of the shoulda tests then?


This was the error: thoughtbot/shoulda-matchers#194

Though it looks like I misunderstood the cause of the error, should be able to resolve by creating a badge using the fabricator before each test.


Just made the following changes:

  • Added JSDoc comments.
  • Added tests for the AdminBadgesController.
  • Made .references explicit.
  • Added NOT NULL constraints.
  • Added "experimental" text to the site setting description.

Pushed up all of the changes mentioned. I haven't squashed it into the previous commit right now since it would erase all of the previous line comments, will squash when this is ready to be merged in.


Forgot to get rid of the part where we set selected on the Badge model, will fix tomorrow.


I merged the two badge revoke specs, got rid of the duplicate index and the index on granted_by_id, and changed it to use an itemController instead of setting selected on the model. Also squashed everything into a single commit.


Thanks heaps, lets merge this and start playing with it, smaller PRs next time :)

@SamSaffron SamSaffron merged commit fe63db7 into discourse:master
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Commits on Mar 14, 2014
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