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Add step to reset Gemfile.lock to #445

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Kevin Ansfield discoursebot Régis Hanol Robin Ward
Kevin Ansfield

If bundle install is run after running bundle update then it will pull down the upgraded gems again. To avoid the issue it's necessary to reset Gemfile.lock to it's original state.


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Régis Hanol


Robin Ward eviltrout merged commit 98d314d into from
Robin Ward

Thanks for the clarification! :fish:

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@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ reaching out to the community for help:
Don't. Running `bundle update` will download gem versions that we haven't tested with.
The Gemfile.lock has the gem versions that Discourse currently uses, so `bundle install`
- will work. If you ran update, then you should uninstall the gems and run `bundle install`.
+ will work. If you ran update, then you should uninstall the gems, run
+ `git checkout -- Gemfile.lock` and then run `bundle install`.
5. Have you migrated your database?
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