Upstart script(s) for Gearman workers.
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Upstart: Gearman Worker Scripts


Upstart scripts/configuration to start Gearman workers.


This module requires the following modules/libraries:


Clone/unzip into /opt such that we have:

  • /opt/gearman-init/ and
  • /opt/gearman-init/

Provide any configuration necessary in /etc/default/gearman-workers:

Variable Default Description
DRUPAL_ROOT /var/www/drupal7 Path to Drupal's root installation directory, so we can call Drush in the correct context.
DRUSH The result of which drush. Path of the drush executable.
CPU_COUNT The number of CPU cores present on the system. Something of a misnomer? The number of worker processes to create.
GEARMAN_HOST The configured value from the "default" Drupal site. The host/IP of the Gearman server.
GEARMAN_PORT The configured value from the "default" Drupal site. The port to connect to on the Gearman server host.
GEARMAN_BIN The result of which gearman. Path of the gearman CLI executable.
GEARMAN_USER www-data The user as which to run Gearman workers.
ROUTER The Drush command islandora-job-router, as user 1 and at DRUPAL_ROOT. The routing command workers should send the Gearman payload to for processing.
SITE_URI_LIST The "Site URI" portion of each entry in drush @sites status A space-separated list of sites to get worker functions for.
CUSTOM_WORKER_FUCTIONS String of functions for a custom worker formated as such: "-f function1 -f function2". Defaults to "-f default"

Custom Worker

This is currently on compatible with upstart

Copy upstart/gearman-custom-worker.conf files into /etc/init.

Add your custom working functions to /etc/default/gearman-workers in the following format:

CUSTOM_WORKER_FUCTIONS="-f function1 -f function2 -f function3"

Ensure total number of workers does not exceed total number of CPU cores. May have to configure the CPU_COUNT var as well.

stop gearman-workers start gearman-workers

Your Custom worker should start with all the others.


Copy the upstart/gearman-workers.conf and upstart/gearman-worker.conf files into /etc/init.

The workers should start and stop automatically at boot/shutdown (currently following/preceding mysql of startup/shutdown; may be desirable to make into configuration at some point?).

To start the workers immediately:

start gearman-workers


Copy the sysvinit/gearman-workers and sysvinit/gearman-worker files into /etc/init.d.

Ensure permissions are 755

To have the gearman workers start on system boot, run the following:

/usr/sbin/update-rc.d gearman-workers defaults 99 20
chkconfig --add gearman-workers

To start the workers immediately:

/etc/init.d/gearman-workers start


Copy systemd/* files into /etc/systemd/system you may have to modify the After= in gearmand.service depending on how split out the stack is.

Enable on boot

where n is the total number of Requires= added to the

systemctl enable gearman-worker@{1..n}.service


systemctl status
systemctl start
systemctl stop

Most options in the /etc/default/gearman-workers file has to be set, specially the path to binary ones as these are not available to the system at boot time.


There is a bug in gearman that may cause issue if the listening host/IP doesn't match the worker connection host/IP, ensure these are the same.


Having problems or solved a problem? Contact discoverygarden.


Current maintainers:


If you would like to contribute to this module, please check out our helpful Documentation for Developers info, Developers section on and contact discoverygarden.