Autocompletion from a set of (Solr indexed) authority records into a set of fields.
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Islandora Authority Module Build Status


This module adds two Drupal form API elements and a menu path used for autocompletion used for autocompletion on one of them. These two new elements are:

  • islandora_authority_textfield: A textfield which can autocomplete on a Solr field.
  • islandora_authority_hidden: A hidden element which can be autocompleted, as a result of a search.

One caveat: Due to how we perform lookups, forms in which these elements must pass through Objective Forms to recieve #hash values.


This module requires the following modules/libraries:


Install as usual, see this for further information.


Our configuration is stored in #user_data on our islandora_authority_textfield and islandora_authority_hidden elements.

Generally, multiple islandora_authority elements are direct children of a common parent. The framework defines a single parameter on the parent:

  • islandora_authority_controller: A machine name indicating the controller to use. Defaults to solr if otherwise unspecified.

Solr Controller

Machine name: solr

This controller is attempted if no other is specified.

The Solr controller defines two parameters on the parent element:

  • islandora_authority_t_pattern: A pattern as used by Drupal's format_string()/t() function.
  • islandora_authority_fq: A list of tilde-separated Lucene statements, e.g.: PID:ir*, to ensure all results come from the IR namespace. (Note: separating is done via a naive explode; tildes in values break it)

Each contained authority element specifies:

  • islandora_authority_solr_search_field: Should be an EdgeNGram'd Solr field.
  • islandora_authority_solr_validate_field: An optional Solr field to validate the contents of the element against. This does not prevent the form from being saved; it simply provides visual feedback on form load and element change for whether the field contains an authorized value. This should be an untokenized Solr field.
  • islandora_authority_solr_display_field: An optional Solr field, used for display purposes (defaults to the search field).
  • islandora_authority_mapping: An optional placeholder, which will make values for this field available for substitution into the t_pattern above.
  • islandora_authority_search_without_dismax: A flag which should be set (to "true") when islandora_authority_solr_search_field is not an EdgeNGram'd Solr field, so queries will be made as (non-dismax) prefix queries instead of depending on the behaviour of EdgeNGrams. Note that EdgeNGrams are more predicatable in the results they return; prefix/wildcard queries skip analysis, so indexing analysis can result in false-negatives.


Having problems or solved a problem? Contact discoverygarden.


Current maintainers:


If you would like to contribute to this module, please check out our helpful Documentation for Developers info, as well as our Developers section on the site.