C++ API for the TeaFile File Format. TeaFiles is Time Series Persistence in Flat Files.
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This folder holds the TeaTime++ tree containing the C++ implementation of TeaFiles.


TeaTime is the productline of discretelogics that encompasses tools for time series persistence, processing and visualisation.


TeaFiles are the low level persistence mechansim of TeaTime. For specification and details see discretelogics.com/teafiles .

Folder Structure

- Bin               Examples and the Test application
  - Obj             Intermediate files
- Examples          Source code of examples
- Lib               boost, gtest, gmock dependencies (header + win32 binaries). remove if already available on your machine
- TeaFile           Source code TeaFile API
- TeaFile.Test          Source code TeaFile tests (uses google gtest)
Jamroot             *nix build file using Boost.Build.
TeaFile.sln         Microsoft Visual Studio solution containing TeaFile library, tests and examples


Linux, Unix:

Use Boost.Build and run

> bjam all
or for the single projects
> bjam TeaFile
> bjam TeaFile.Test
> bjam Sum
> bjam AnalyzeTicks

On 32bit linux this create 32bit binaries, on 64bit linux 64bit binaries. Consult the boost build manual for other parameters.


  • boost libraries: datetime and interprocess. since you will need boost.build, you will have to install the boost library anyway and can remove the Lib/boost folder
  • gtest header and binary are required for the test application.
  • gmock, not used yet, it will be used in the future


Open TeaFile.sln and choose one of the four configurations: debug/release 32/64bit. Binary dependencies gtest and boost are delivered in the Lib folder, so the build should succeed without any further installation of these.

TeaFiles - C++ API

The TeaFile subfolder holds the C++ API provided as open source and licensed under the GPL . This API implements the TeaFile including fast data access via memory mapping.


A google gtest based unit test project. This is in progress, much better coverage tbd.


Small examples demonstrate the usage of this api. Each of the projects references the TeaFile library.

Curent limitations

1. Text - ASCII only According to the specification, text strings are in UTF8. While the Windows version implements conversion between stirng with local encoding and UTF8 on both directions, the *nix version does not yet implement this conversion. Since 7 bit ASCII is equals the first 127 characters of UTF8, this means that not special characters should be used.

2. Time Format - Java Time only This API works only with a time format that counts Milliseconds since 1970/1/1, which is the resolution also used by Java, so we call it "Java Time". This is the recommended time format for versatile usage of TeaFiles.