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Tools for extracting files from A Final Unity, the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation game by Spectrum Holobyte.

Information on the different files in A Final Unity is documented in, and contains information specifically on the astrogation files.

Image Files

The application converts .spr and .spt sprites, .rm and .scr backgrounds, .fon fonts, and .mrg menus to PNG. However, not all of those files are currently supported. It will also export images from computer.db.

The application requires the Pillow module to be installed.

If the standard palette file standard.pal is not in the same directory as the image file being converted, its location must be provided using the --palette argument. For example:

python3 transp.rm --palette other/directory/standard.pal

which will output the transporter room scene as transp.rm.png.

To convert a sprite or font file you must also provide a .rm or .scr background image upon which they would be drawn, using the --background argument. For example:

python3 brdgpica.spr --background bridge.rm

will output 31 pngs representing the frames making up the Picard bridge sprite. Another example:

python3 font2.fon --background bridge.rm

will output a png for each character in font number 2.

Finally, you can export all the images within computer.db, provided that compupnl.ast is in the same directory or provided via the --background argument. For example:

python3 computer.db

will output a png for all 49 images used to illustrate various computer entries.

Audio Files

The .rac .vac and .mac files contain audio. To convert these into .wav files you will first require sox to be installed and in PATH. Then run with the path to the audio file as the first and only argument. For example:

python3 redalert.mac

will output readalert.wav.

Database Files

The .db files are databases. Specifically, computer.db contains the data available on the operations panel, while astro.db and astromap.db contain data on the sectors, systems, stations, etc.

To convert these into .json files, run with the path to the database file as the first and only argument. For example:

python3 astro.db

will output astro.db.json.


A lot of information required for writing this came from the work of fuzzie.


Extract files from Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity.




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