Calculate neutrino oscillation probabilities easily.
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Calculate neutrino oscillation probabilities easily.


Here's a basic example of how to use the module:

import oscillations

osc = oscillations.Oscillations()

osc.setTheta23( 90.0 * oscillations.units.degrees )
osc.setE( 1.0 * oscillations.units.GeV )
osc.setL( 3000.0 * )

print "P(nu_mu -> nu_e) = ", osc.p(oscillations.nu_mu, oscillations.nu_e)

print "Parameters used:"
print osc

Remember to always use the oscillations.units constants to convert to the correct units whenever you call the set parameter methods of Oscillations.

More Examples

There are multiple examples of the use of the module in, which includes the code used to generate all the oscillations plots in my PhD thesis.

To run, you will need to have PyROOT installed and loaded.


The module uses the standard PMNS matrix calculation for neutrino oscillations in a vacuum.

Neither matter effects nor sterile neutrinos are currently included.

Unit Tests

Some basic unit testing is conducted in, which uses Python's unittest module (PyUnit).