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This repo holds a Finger-like daemon and client. The server is pretty simple: you send it a TCP packet containing a username, it looks up that username on the system, and then prints back information about the user. The Internet really was a simpler place long ago.


To build the server and client, run make. To remove artifacts, run make clean.

Running the Server

$ cd fingerd
$ ./fingerd
2019/06/05 00:41:48 listening on

Running the Client

$ cd finger
$ ./finger root

username: root  name: System Administrator
directory: /var/root
No plan file.


  • This should have enough error handling and defer-style closing to be safe. Please let me know if it doesn't!
  • The server will only bind to the loopback interface. That's intentional--I didn't want this program to be accessible outside this machine.
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