Km4City: LD RDF Store and ontology, smart city development tool for mobile applications and smart city services browser, ServiceMap as used in
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Copyright (C) 2015 DISIT Lab - University of Florence


  • Tomcat 7+
  • Mysql 5.5+
  • Virtuoso 7.2

Installation Guide

  • Install Tomcat, Mysql and Virtuoso
  • In Mysql create the database ServiceMap and related tables using the bin/ServiceMap.sql
  • Copy the file bin/ into the (user home)/servicemap/ (e.g. for tomcat7 /usr/share/tomcat7/servicemap/
  • Edit the to set at least the db connection properties (user and password), and the token of mapbox to be used for map requests.
  • Build the .war or use the one provided in the bin directory
  • Deploy the .war
  • Open http://localhost:8080/ServiceMap
  • In case of problems you can use http://localhost:8080/ServiceMap/conf.jsp (only from localhost or 192.168.0.x ip address) to see the configuration loaded
  • load on Virtuoso all the ontologies present in the ontologies folder under a graph named ''
  • in Virtuoso iSQL command line execute "rdfs_rule_set ('urn:ontology', '');"

KM4City Ontology

Documentation on the KM4City ontology can be found on and on

The Snap4City platform is based on components based on Km4City framework also on this github. Please read the documentation on to understand which components you need to install according to your goals.

Documentation is accessible from Https:// Some documentation is also replicated on Https://

most of the Snap4City components can be provided in form of appliance, please contact Appliance are in subtance Virtual Machines that you can execute on your premise, fully configure, since we provide you full access at level of Root / Admin. The Vm are mainly with Linux like operating system