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yadom BRKABZ01 demo code with ItSdk
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Yadom BRKABZ01 (Murata CMWX1ZZABZ-091 Breakout) demo code

What is it ?

This repository contains a demo code to connect to LoRaWan network with a Yadom BRKAKZ01 breakout board. This board is running a Murata CMWX1ZZABZ-091 STM32/LoRaWan module.

This demo code is based on the Disk91 IoT SDK. To be able to compile it, you need to import the SDK code into the project as detailed in the installation step.

What does it do ?

This demo code just run 2 parallel tasks:

  • one blinking the led every seconds
  • one communicating a fixed payload every 30 second over LoRaWan

Thanks to ItSdk this sample code is:

  • working Low Power switching the MCU in standby mode between task execution
  • integrating a log console connected to LPUART1 => on PA14
  • integrating a configuration console connected to USART2 => on PA2/PA3

You can setup your own OTAA credentials using the configuration console to change the settings. The command ?[ENTER] will show you the public console commands. You need to login the console to access configuration. Type changeme[ENTER] on the console to get logged. Then you will be able to see all the commands with ?[ENTER] after login.

Important notice

The Yadom BRKABZ01 is using a non usual TCXO_VCC pin asignment. As a consequence this code will not directly work with a standard devkit. You can easily change this by modifying the pin asignment is the config files & cubeMx. In a such situation you can also take a look to this other murata example code

Get more details

This demo code is detailed in my blog post related to the Yadom BRKABZ01 breakout board. Follow the link to get details.

Use the demo code

In the Release directory you have a .hex file with a compiled version of the firmware. You can directly upload it following the procedure over DFU detailed in the blog post. You can take a look to the demo video:

Alt text

Compile the demo code

Watch the setup video for getting started (select HD display) - this one has been made for another project but the principle stays the same.

Alt text

  1. Clone this repository and open it with AC6 environment See here on how to install AC6 if needed

  2. Clone the Disk91 STM32 IoT SDK repository in the Project root directory to add the needed sdk dependencies. This project has been tested & refied with SDK Version 1.4.1


Yes I know, there are some LoRaWan credentials in the config file, it's to make it working immediatly for your 1st test.

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