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version package-0803

e5926bbf420464bc3593d1c0367c774b diskcoin.0803.tbz
fda166ed9d60109c45ee50d6a3e6fc9d diskcoin-WIN64.0803.exe
ee7d9e8b17a74f8ac9d4c1846731a2e3 diskcoin-OSX.0803.dmg


*) Bug fix: support multi-sig stake
*) Bug fix: deadlock when generate new block

DISC Mining Manual

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@diskcoin-apps-team diskcoin-apps-team released this Jul 27, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

version 0140 package-0727

5df336f7dd4593025321cbf58dce69c0 diskcoin.0727.tbz
7775b31059ffadb75671ed28a29456fe diskcoin-w64.0727.exe
9b67f203e0418fcc3142bcb0ec0fee3c diskcoin-osx.0727.dmg


*) no change


*) Bugfix: OSX package error

*) Bugfix: unstakeing balance display error

*) Bugfix: -reindex parameter handling error

*) Bugfix: miner’s coin calculation error in coinbase, after updating the version to, the block can be created normally.

Please note that this is a mandatory upgrade for all nodes. If you do not upgrade, you will unable to mine after the block height of 2200.

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@diskcoin-apps-team diskcoin-apps-team released this Jul 26, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

Tips:there still was an unstake bug with v0.1.2, please download this version to fix it.

e9492929b3bb03d5a300b202f05e181e diskcoin.0726.tbz
a12b596fc29137ec5e25e634abb2b3bd diskcoin-w64.0726.exe
89283d1de8826bd353fccd3b946174b5 diskcoin-osx.0726.dmg

version 0130 package-0726

*) Bug fix: unstake error
*) Bug fix: qt string format error


No change

DISC Mining Manual


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Jul 25, 2019
Jul 21, 2019

@diskcoin-apps-team diskcoin-apps-team released this Jul 22, 2019 · 30 commits to master since this release

726cc88db0a13a1e918a99d85c65535f diskcoin.0722.tbz for Linuex
d06ea84d72aecaeef324b6a83569407a diskcoin-WIN64.0722.exe for Windows
ef7bc020ada9f89c102768c3a82eb289 diskcoin-OXS.0722.dmg for Mac

*) Bugfix: Parallel POC check error

It is recommend emptying the ** banned peers ** if you still have problems to mine.


DISC Mining Manual


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@diskcoin-apps-team diskcoin-apps-team released this Jul 21, 2019 · 41 commits to master since this release

d4683d232f86426dcf237b0910471e2e diskcoin.tbz for Linux
2f2173e323d2c2096465efff06e37b7c for Win
b71c2b9231edc568dd2c89aae69dd575 diskcoin-win64.exe for Win
50df63625eddcc5d228f0c065273b5da diskcoin-OSX.dmg for Mac

DISC Mining Manual


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@diskcoin-apps-team diskcoin-apps-team released this Jul 13, 2019 · 67 commits to master since this release

234af8cac5a345b0ed8f290a66165e13 diskcoin.0714.tbz
*) Bugfix : Tx in mempool leak
*) Bugfix : Deadlock when loading wallet
*) Feature: Ploter id less than uint56(-1)
*) Feature: The first test version of diskcoin-qt on linux
*) Feature: RPC interface compatible with blagominer version
*) Feature: Make a bloomfilter on the POC check and save it to the file for persistence.
*) Feature: Zero configuration can be started
*) Bugfix : Memory error
*) Bugfix : Json parse error
*) Feature: Reports the miner capacity.
*) Feature: No unzip password.

DISC Mining Manual

Preparation for mining

  1. A hard disk mining device that has been assembled and plotted
  2. A Linux system computer that can install the Diskcoind wallet.
  3. A Windows system computer that can run the dcminer.

Deploy Diskcoind wallet

  1. Install the Diskcoind

The file name is: Please copy it to the prepared Linux server and unzip it.

  1. Modify the configuration file

The configuration file "diskcoin.conf" does not need to modify by default, unless the ports are occupied.

  1. Start the Diskcoind service

Enter the Diskcoind directory
cd diskcoin
Start Diskcoind service command
./diskcoind or ./diskcoin-qt

  1. Wait for the Diskcoind to sync full node data
    ./diskcoin-cli getinfo View current block height
    ./diskcoin-cli getblockcount View the latest height

If the two values are the same, then the full node data has been synced, indicating that you can start mining.

Start mining

The file name is: Please copy it to the prepared Linux server and unzip it.

The dcminer needs to run in the windows environment.

Modify the mining device configuration file: miner.conf

Server = IP of the Diskcoind server
Port = 63336 #rpcport of Diskcoind server
UpdaterAddr = IP of the Diskcoind server
UpdaterPort = 63336 #rpcport of Diskcoind server
InfoAddr = IP of the Diskcoind server
InfoPort = 63336 #rpcport for Diskcoind server
MinerName = m1 #can be empty 

Others can use the default value.

If the configuration is completed, double-click dcminerAVX2.exe to start mining!

Staking tutorial for solo mining

From the block height of 1801, if you want to Stake, you need to do the corresponding operation in your wallet. The more DISCs you Stake, the more reward you will get.

How to Stake:

./diskcoin-cli pledgeto the-wallet-address-you-Stake-to the-Stake-amount  

The Staking address needs to be the address that generated blocks.

How to check the default wallet address:

./diskcoin-cli getaccountaddress ""

A hash will be returned after the Staking.

Check the Staking records of the address:

listpledgein (minconf maxconf  ["address",...])

Minconf: minimum confirmation
Maxconf: maximum confirmation

Cancel the Staking:

./diskcoin-cli unpledge txid

You could use the listpledgein command to get the txid that has been Staked.
After the Staking is successful, it will take effect after 900 blocks.

If you have any problems, please post them to bitcointalk thread :

In order for you to know information about Diskcoin in time, suggest that you could follow our official Twitter: and future official news about mining or others will be updated on twitter. Thank you.

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Jul 10, 2019
Create CNAME

@diskcoin-apps-team diskcoin-apps-team released this Jul 10, 2019 · 74 commits to master since this release

c72705c9be9bf1dc253b3e75eb104163 diskcoin.tbz for Linux
c384527f4d8a70e0226cb5fffcc0f149 for Win

*) Fixed : deadlock when genarate block
*) Fixed : cpu 100%

Assets 4
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