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Contracts for CoffeeScript is a dialect of CoffeeScript with contract support.

Contracts allow you to write powerful runtime assertions about your code. Like types but less painful, like assert but more useful.

square :: (Num) -> Num
square = (x) -> x * x

# throws a run-time error
square "a string"   

Documentation, usage, and more examples:

Quick start

Install via npm:

npm install -g

Use the compiler:

coffee -c --contracts /path/to/

If you are running in the browser then you'll need to load the contracts library (found in lib/contracts/contracts.js)

<script type="text/javascript" src="contracts.js"></script>

If you are running in node.js then you'll need to install the contracts.js package

npm install contracts.js

Note that requires some pretty new features of JavaScript (Proxies in particular) so it currently only works on Firefox 4+ and node 0.5.10 (but not 0.6 yet) but other JavaScript engines should be adding support soon.

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