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+title: Weekly Link Roundup
+layout: post
+[Details surface about Google's project Glass][1]. The future is now
+and all that. [Rainbows End][2] and [Daemon][3]/[Freedom™][4]
+are now required reading.
+I didn't realize when I first saw it but xkcd's April 1st comic was
+actually quite [brilliant][xkcd].
+Some [good advice on giving academic talks][talk] under the twin
+lenses of memory (your audience's resource — build context and
+be wary of details) and fear (your resource — desensitize and
+An [interesting privacy hack][priv] for the web was announced and
+Amusingly enough they use Libya's [ccTLD][tld] ([.ir][ir] or [.eg][eg] would also have
+been apropos). Hopefully they've thought about domain seizures.
+And on a related note, [here's a good read on the internet wars][war].
+In particular the forces of order (SOPA/PIPA, Iran, China, Egypt,
+etc.) vs. the forces of chaos (Anonymous, LulzSec, etc.).
+[1]: "Google Glasses"
+[2]: "Rainbows End"
+[3]: "Daemon"
+[4]: "Freedom"
+[xkcd]: "April 1st xkcd"
+[talk]: "Academic Talks"
+[priv]: ""
+[privk]: " kickstarter"
+[tld]: "ccTLD"
+[ir]: "Iran's ccTLD"
+[eg]: "Egypt's ccTLD"
+[war]: "World War 3.0"

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