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import sbt._
object Builds extends sbt.Build {
import Keys._
/** Defines common settings for all projects */
lazy val setup = Project("setup", file("setup"))
/** Aggregates tasks for all projects */
lazy val root = Project(
"dispatch-all", file("."), settings = Defaults.defaultSettings ++ Seq(
ls.Plugin.LsKeys.skipWrite := true
def module(name: String) =
Project(name, file(name.replace("-", "")))
.delegateTo(ufcheck, setup)
.dependsOn(ufcheck % "test->test")
lazy val core = module("core")
lazy val liftjson = module("lift-json")
/** Util module for using unfiltered with scalacheck */
lazy val ufcheck = Project(
"ufcheck", file("ufcheck")
).dependsOn(scalacheck % "test->compile")
lazy val scalacheck = RootProject(
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