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The maintainers of and contributors to Dispatch are pleased to announce the release of Dispatch v1.0.0. The change log for this release can be viewed in the GitHub commit history. Notable changes are called out below.

Please report any issues you find with this release on the GitHub issues page so that we can fix bugs and release subsequent RCs as needed.


AsyncHttpClient 2.5.4.

This bumps our underlying HTTP client to the latest version to fix a handful of bugs. You can view the included changes in this changelog.

JDK 11 Build

Hat tip to @xuwei-k for getting our tests running in JDK 11 in Travis.

json4s 3.6.1

We bumped json4s to the latest release since M1: 3.6.1.

About Dispatch

Dispatch is an HTTP library for Scala designed to make you more productive while interacting with external services over HTTP from your applications. It's built on the AsyncHttpClient library to provide a fast, flexible abstraction over HTTP interactions.