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@farmdawgnation farmdawgnation released this Aug 7, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

The maintainers of and contributors to Dispatch are pleased to announce the release of Dispatch v1.1.0. This is a feature release. The change log for this release can be viewed in the GitHub commit history. Notable changes are called out below.


AHC 2.10.1

The async-http-client has been updated from 2.5.4 to 2.10.1.

Scala 2.13 Support

Dispatch now (mostly) supports Scala 2.13 thanks to @xuwei-k. The 2.13 versions of the Dispatch artifacts do not include a build of the lift-json module as the Lift developers are currently working on getting a 2.13 build of that out the door. Once that's available we'll re-introduce the Lift JSON module.

The Lift JSON module remains available in the 2.12 variant.

Scala 2.11 Support Dropped

We've dropped Scala 2.11 support to enable us to take advantage of language features that have been introduced since 2.11 in future releases.

About Dispatch

Dispatch is an HTTP library for Scala designed to make you more productive while interacting with external services over HTTP from your applications. It's built on the AsyncHttpClient library to provide a fast, flexible abstraction over HTTP interactions.

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