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Dockerfiles for building a storm cluster.
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Dockerfiles for building a storm cluster. Inspired by

The images are available directly from



Start a cluster:

  • docker-compose up

Destroy a cluster:

  • docker-compose stop

Add more supervisors:

  • docker-compose scale supervisor=3




How can I access Storm UI from my host?

Take a look at docker-compose.yml:

  image: wurstmeister/storm-ui:0.9.2
        - "49080:8080"

This tells Docker to expose the Docker UI container's port 8080 as port 49080 on the host

If you are running docker natively you can use localhost. If you're using boot2docker, then do:

$ boot2docker ip
The VM's Host only interface IP address is:

Which returns your docker VM's IP.
So, to open storm UI, type the following in your browser:



in my case.

How can I deploy a topology?

Since the nimbus host and port are not default, you need to specify where the nimbus host is, and what is the nimbus port number.
Following the example above, after discovering the nimbus host IP (could be localhost, could be our docker VM ip as in the case of boot2docker), run the following command:

storm jar target/your-topology-fat-jar.jar com.your.package.AndTopology topology-name -c -c nimbus.thrift.port=49627

How can I connect to one of the containers?

Find the forwarded ssh port for the container you wish to connect to (use docker-compose ps)

$ ssh root@`boot2docker ip` -p $CONTAINER_PORT

The password is 'wurstmeister' (from:

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