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Envastats is a Chrome extension built to provide meaningful reports about sales on Envato's marketplaces. At first I wanted to display a simple chart of sales, but after way more time than planned, I ended up with a multiple features widgetized dashboard - I just don't know how to keep things simple...

The extension is available on the Chrome Web Store :

Main features

  • Display sales and earnings for the last 30 days, 6 months or for all time
  • Display sales and earnings distributions by items (12 most populars), days of week and hours of the day
  • Display counters for number of sales, amount sold, earnings and referral cuts, for three different time ranges: all time, current month and current week.
  • Provides estimations for the end of the current week and month
  • Display progress circles for paws, author's rate and elite levels (once maximum rate is reached)
  • Provides intelligent currency conversion: each sale is converted at the rate of the day where the corresponding earnings are sent to the author (the 15th of the n+1 month).
  • Actual rate is updated every 2 hours (requires a free Open Exchange Rate account app ID)
  • Automatic refresh each 15 minutes, also provides a button for manual refresh
  • Buttons to reset settings or database in case something's broken
  • Based on local storage and IndexedDB
  • Uses a widgets structure, a customization tool is planned (see below)
  • l10n and i18n (english and french available, feel free to provide your own translation!)

Planned features

  • Add daily and hourly average sales rate
  • Add a desktop notification for each new sale and increment the counter in the main bar icon, with a button to reset counter
  • Display items' distribution in the sales/earnings chart using stacked bars/lines
  • Add PayPal/Payoneer fees processing for real income output
  • Show a slider of the whole time range with two cursors to define start and end of displayed range
  • Display progression in the week and month sales reports (against previous week/month), using green up arrow or red down arrow and the progression percentage
  • Allow users to customize their dashboard (widgets, positions and sizes)
  • Add a widgets API to allow adding extra widgets
  • Color themes
  • A full-screen mode to use this as a permanent dashboard


Inspirational plugins

Many ideas are taken from the following plugins, credits to their authors!

External plugins


Licenced under the MIT License