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MCU Timeline

A timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I coded this up as a fun little project and maintain it in my spare time.

Watch Order

The default timeline order, called 'watch order', is largely subjective and based on my personal feelings of the best order to watch the MCU in. If you feel I have made a weird decision on ordering then I'm happy to talk it though if you drop me a message.

The other sort orders are far less opinionated and based on factual(ish) data.


If you have noticed any issues or mistakes in my data or ordering then please feel free to open an issue and I will give it a look.

Adding new shows

I maintain this timeline in my spare time, so I'm never very quick on the draw with adding new shows to the list. I ask that you are patient with me. I also like to maintain a policy of not adding shows that have future release dates too quickly, as these can be volatile and change without any great way of me knowing my data has become outdated.

Disney+ has made the task a little more annoying to stay on top of as they have a policy to only announce TV episode names on launch day of that episode. So there could be (and is) a delay getting brand new episodes added to the timeline.


Thanks for taking the time to look at my work and I hope you enjoy my timeline.

If you like what I do here then consider buying me a coffee