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A cookbook of common recipes to help expedite your development process when using the DISQUS API.

Table of Contents


  • Get a thread's details: /php/get-thread-details.php
  • List a forum's 100 most active users and their comment counts: /php/list-100-most-active-users.php
  • Get an SSO account's username: /php/get-sso-username.php
  • Create a guest comment: /php/create-guest-comment.php
  • Locates and deletes duplicate comments: /php/deduping_script.php


  • List all replies to a parent comment: /php/list-all-replies-to-a-parent.php
  • List all threads created between a given date and now: /php/list-all-threads-between-date-and-now.php
  • Add users to the whitelist via CSV file: /php/add_to_whitelist.php
  • Close a thread using a single access token: /php/single_access_token.php
  • Three-button test script for DISQUS.reset (AJAX reset method): /html/disqus_reset.html
  • OAuth example: /oauth/oauth-test.php


  • Test SSO with a single user: /php/sso_test_recipe.php
  • Generate an SSO remote_auth_s3 payload in C# .NET: /ASP.NET/generate_SSO_payload.cs
  • (1/2) Get a forum's most popular threads and write to a cache file: /php/get_and_write_popular_threads_to_cache.php
  • (2/2) Get popular threads from cache file and display them: /php/get_popular_threads_from_cache.php


For PHP scripts:

  • PHP, preferably the latest version
  • (Optional) DISQUS API bindings for PHP — none of these .php files require the bindings. Only use the bindings if you know you need them and already know how to use them.


Run any of these files as-is. Enjoy!


Email us any requests.

Note: The integrity and utility of these recipes is very important to us. This means keeping them tidy and aimed at a wide audience. If you request a very specific recipe we may make it less specific so it's more accessible.


These recipes are meant as a starting point. Most recipes have only been tested to work with the latest version of Chrome stable at the time of creation. YMMV.