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Phabricator Extensions

This repository is a collection (known as libdisqus) of extensions for Phabricator, a tool originally open sourced by Facebook for task management and code review.

Installing Arcanist Globally

You'll need write access to /usr/local:

$ curl -L | sudo sh

This will give you access to the following additional commands:

create-arcconfig [path]

Generates a .arcconfig based on the global arcanist installation at the given path.

If path is not set, it generates it in the current working directory.


This executes the same script which you used to originally install Arcanist.


A basic implementation of a test runner that uses nose and nose-json to collect test results and submit them upstream with differentials.

Add to your client's .arcconfig:

  "unit_engine": "DisqusUnitTestEngine",


Automatically assigns an owner to a new task (where one is not set) based on the first assigned project's ownership.

Add to your Phabricator's config:

'events.listeners' => array(