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Disqus plugin should import disqus comment IDs too #49

archon810 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Please correct me if I'm wrong but right now there's no way to correlate the local Wordpress comment id with the Disqus comment id, is there?

I'm trying to create the right #links to jump to the right comment on post pages but the problem is, the comments themselves are coming from the local db, and doesn't jump anywhere since the IDs on the page are the Disqus ones.

I looked at the wp_commentmeta table, but it looks like Disqus only populates dsq_parent_post_id and dsq_post_id but not dsq_comment_id.

It'd be fantastic if there was either a way to query the API for the Disqus comment id or it should just get synced to the local db during comment sync.

Or am I missing something and this is already possible?


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This is indeed already possible. Answered in your support topic.

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