Performance monitoring tools for Django
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Logging Slow Requests

Perftools includes a logger that will monitor requests execution time. Once it hits the defined threshold, it will log to the named perftools logger, including the metadata for the request (as defined by Sentry's logging spec).

from perftools.middleware.slowreq import SlowRequestLoggingMiddleware

app = SlowRequestLoggingMiddleware(app, threshold=100) # in ms

Remote Profiling

Profiles a request and saves the results to disk.

from perftools.middleware.remoteprof import RemoteProfilingMiddleware

app = RemoteProfilingMiddleware(app, outpath='/var/data/cprofile-results/', percent=10) # 10% of requests

Query Counts

Logs requests which exceed a maximum number of queries.

from perftools.middleware.querycount import QueryCountLoggingMiddleware

app = QueryCountLoggingMiddleware(app, threshold=100) # number of queries