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bucardo Add bucardo 4.99.5 recipe
erlang-nox PREFIX should be /usr/local
exhibitor Add netflix exhibitor
fatcache-dbg fatcache-dbg
fatcache fatcache 0.1.0
go Bump go to 1.1.2
grafana grafana 1.9.1
graphite-reporter-agent GraphiteReporterAgent
include Fix before-remove call
kafka Kafka recipe
keepalived wtf guyz
kibana3 kibana 3.1.2
libgit2 Add libgit2 recipe
libjna-java Bunch of dep fixes and uwsgi update
libmetrics-graphite-java libmetrics-graphite-java 2.2.0
libmx4j-java libmx4j-java recipe
libzmq Bunch of dep fixes and uwsgi update
logstash Bunch of dep fixes and uwsgi update
lua-resty-http Add lua-resty-http
lua-resty-memcached lua-resty-memcached
memkeys Remove junk not needed
nagios-plugins logstash and nagios-plugins recipe
phantomjs Bump phanotmjs to 1.7.0
python-argcomplete Add python-argcomplete
python-argh Update python-argh; skip python-argparse for precise
python-barman Update python-barman to 1.2.0
python-certifi python include and recipes
python-chardet python include and recipes
python-oauthlib python include and recipes
python-redis Add python-redis 2.7.1
python-requests python include and recipes
python-rsa python include and recipes
rubygem-facter recipeez
rubygem-json recipeez
rubygem-puppet refactor DEPENDS and fix rubygems recipe
secor Initial stab at packaging up secor
storm-jzmq Storm update
storm-metrics-statsd Add storm-metrics-statsd recipe
storm Fixed storm destination path.
strongswan5 Add strongswan5 recipe
twemproxy add twemproxy package script
uwsgi uwsgi 2.0.9
zookeeper-cli Zookeeper and zookeeper-cli
zookeeper Zookeeper and zookeeper-cli
.gitignore fix gitignore
LICENSE update year in license add license and basic info to readme

FPM Recipes

These are recipes for FPM in the form of GNU Makefiles. Have fun.

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