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SwitchContextManager doesn't work with hierarchical switches #34

mbox opened this Issue · 1 comment

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The syntax for SwitchContextManager is with switches(my_switch_name=True):, which requires my_switch_name to be a valid Python identifier.

Hierarchical switches use ":" to separate path components - which isn't a valid character in an identifier.

@mbox mbox referenced this issue from a commit in tellybug/gargoyle
@mbox mbox Fix for issue #34: SwitchContextManager doesn't work with hierarchica…
…l switches

Adds support for a "switches" kwarg on the decorator - if the switch name is
not a valid ID you can use @switches(switches={'test:a:hierarchy': True}) to set
the default value

I just ran into this & ended up using mock.patch to force the values I needed:

@patch("gargoyle.gargoyle.is_active", return_value=False)
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