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NOTICE: Deprecated

This project is deprecated and no longer actively maintained by Disqus. However there is a fork being maintained by YPlan at github.com/YPlan/nexus.


Nexus is a pluggable admin application in Django. It's designed to give you a simple design and architecture for building admin applications.




Install it with pip (or easy_install):

pip install nexus


You'll need to enable it much like you would django.contrib.admin.

First, add it to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:


Now you'll want to include it within your urls.py:

import nexus

# sets up the default nexus site by detecting all nexus_modules.py files

# urls.py
urlpatterns = patterns('',
    ('^nexus/', include(nexus.site.urls)),

By default Nexus requires django.contrib.auth and django.contrib.sessions. If you are using a custom auth system you can skip these requirements by using the setting NEXUS_SKIP_INSTALLED_APPS_REQUIREMENTS = True in your django settings.


Nexus by default includes a module that will automatically pick up django.contrib.admin.

Other applications which provide Nexus modules:

(docs on writing modules coming soon)