Simple threaded stats aggregator for Postfix
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Simple threaded stats aggregator for Postfix. When running as a syslog destination, it can be used to get realtime cumulative stats.


Usage: [options] file1 file2 ... fileN

-d, --daemon Run tcp server for getting stats from
-p PORT, --port=PORT
 Port to listen on for grabbing stats (Default: 7777)
-i HOST, --host=HOST
 Host/IP to listen on for grabbing stats (Default:
-c NUM, --concurrency=NUM
 Number of threads to spawn for handling lines (Default: 2)
 Search for STRING in incoming email addresses and incr stat NAME and if COUNT, count in incoming stats - STRING,NAME,COUNT

Daemon Mode

Primary use is as a syslog destination


destination df_postfix_stats { program("/usr/bin/python /usr/bin/ -d -c 4 -"); };
filter f_postfix { program("^postfix/"); };
log {


mail.*  |/usr/bin/python /usr/bin/ -d -c 4 -


Create that calls with the arguments you wish to use

$ModLoad omprog
$actionomprogbinary /usr/bin/
:syslogtag, startswith, "postfix" :omprog:;RSYSLOG_TraditionalFileFormat


If you don't want to wire it up to syslog but need current stats use this.

tail -qf /var/log/mail.* | /usr/bin/ -d

To grab the current cumulative stats as a json dump

echo stats | nc 7777

Or human readable

echo prettystats | nc 7777

File Mode

Pass it a list of log files or stdin and it will aggregate them and dump a json dictionary -c 12 -l,notifications,true postfix.log postfix.log.1 postfix.log.2