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Web platform to help researchers upload their papers to open repositories. homepage

Getting started

A Vagrantfile is provided to quickly set up a VM running and start hacking on the code.

  • git clone
  • cd dissemin
  • vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest to install the VirtualBox guest additions plugin for Vagrant (if using VirtualBox)
  • vagrant up to create and provision the VM
  • vagrant ssh will let you poke into the machine and access its services (PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch). A tmux session is running so that you can check out the Celery and Django development server. You can attach it using tmux attach. will then be available on your host machine at http://localhost:8080.

Note that, when rebooting the Vagrant VM / container, the Dissemin server will not be started automatically. To do it, once you have booted the machine, run vagrant ssh and then cd /dissemin && ./ and wait for some time until it says that Dissemin has started. The same holds for other backend services, you can check the very last lines of the provisioning/ to find out how to start them.

See the full installation instructions, which include alternative methods.


Good first issues

A few issues at Github are marked as "Good first issue". These issues should be easily accessible and fixable without much knowledge about internals and should be a good way to start contributing code.

If you feel like working on any open issues ("good first issue" or not), feel free to comment to say that you are working on this and ask details if the issue is incomplete.


Translations are hosted at TranslateWiki for an easy-to-use interface for translations and statistics. We are always looking for translators for all languages.

Writing an interface for a new repository

Writing an interface for a new repository, so that could upload to this repository, is very easy!

A full tutorial is available.


License is released under the Affero General Public License. Full license is available in the LICENSE file.

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