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Fix Logout link style
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wetneb committed Jul 8, 2017
1 parent 643a192 commit a5277c2
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion templates/dissemin/skeleton.html
Expand Up @@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
<ul class="dropdown-menu">
<li><a href="{% url "edit-global-preferences" %}">{% trans "Preferences" %}</a></li>
<li><a href="{% url "list_deposits" %}">{% trans "My deposits" %}</a></li>
<li><a onclick="
<li><a href="#" onclick="
$.ajax({ url: 'https://{{ ORCID_BASE_DOMAIN }}/userStatus.json?logUserOut=true', dataType: 'jsonp',
success: function(result,status,xhr) {
window.location.href = '{% url "account_logout" %}';
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