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Distance bug reports

This repository is the central place to submit bug reports relating to Distance. That includes bugs in Distance for Windows and R packages (Distance, mrds, dsm, mads, dsims and DSsim).

To report a bug, go to the issue tracker. To report a bug there you will need a github account; you can find out more about reporting bugs here. However, you don't need a github account to browse the list of issues.

You can also search under the issue tracker to check your bug doesn't already exist, has been solved or is scheduled to be fixed in an up-coming software release (see below on planned software releases). (Note that on the issues tracker page, only open issues are listed by default -- to see solved ("closed") issues, clear the text in the filter.)

The distance sampling R packages each have their own list of issues, and reported bugs are often transferred over to the issues list for the appropriate repository. Here are links to each package's issue tracker page:

Another source of information about software issues and solutions is the distance sampling Google Group.

Planned software releases

We schedule software releases as github "milestones". If you see a milestone attached to an issue (on the right hand side of the page for that issue) then you can click on that milestone to see the planned release date. Alternatively, the link below takes you to milestones page for Distance for Windows and for each package. If no milestone is listed then we currently have no release scheduled fro that package.


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