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Convert Distance for Windows projects into R code/data
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readdst: read Distance for Windows data into R

This package allows one to import data from Distance for Windows "projects" and convert them into analyses one can run in the R package mrds.

The golftees.html vignette shows how to use most of the functionality of the package.

Access databases

Distance for Windows uses Access databases to store data, models and results. To use an Access database on Unix and Mac one needs to install mdbtools.

On Debian

apt-get install mdbtools

Note that Filipe Dias reports that there are issues with mdbtools on Linux when using Distance projects with spaces in their filenames. I can't reproduce these on Mac though.

On Mac

If you have homebrew installed:

brew install mdbtools

On Windows

Support is via RODBC -- simply installing the R package should enable use. Note RODBC is only supported under 32-bit versions of R. Many discussions of this on line [this is one such discussion] (


readdst requires the following packages to be installed : RODBC, Hmisc, stringr, magrittr, mrds, testthat, plyr, readr.

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