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Multiselect Field for Kirby CMS

Release Issues Moral License

The Multiselect field plugin introduces a select field type for the panel that allows you to choose multiple entries.

The plugin is free, but I would appreciate it if you would support me with a moral license!


Since version 1.0.0 the multiselect field requires Kirby CMS 2.3 or higher.
If you are running an older version of Kirby, please use version 1.4.0 of the multiselect field.

Installation & Update

Copy the files to site/plugins/field-multiselect/.


Use it in your blueprint:

  label: Best Band Ever
  type: multiselect
  required: true
  search: true
    1d : 1Direction
    bb: BBoys
    aq: Aqua
    vb: Vengaboys
    fr: Freiheit
    o3: OH!O
    mi: Miley
    bi: Bieber
    u2: U2



It can also be used with the usual field options (pages etc.) of the checkboxes field.

Use Case: Related Pages

A great use for the multiselect field are related pages/articles. Just set up e.g. your blog article blueprint as follows:

  label: Related Articles
  type: multiselect
  search: true
  options: query
    fetch: siblings
    value: '{{id}}'

And then use them in your template:

<?php foreach($page->related()->pages(',') as $related): ?><?php endforeach ?>

Version history

You can find a more or less complete version history in the changelog.


MIT License


Nico Hoffmann -