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Update ChangeLog again.

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fergushenderson committed Oct 26, 2011
1 parent 034b37c commit 1dc8c00b7494f33ffdf5f3e8548cc5c491d847fc
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2011-10-26 02:49 Fergus Henderson <>


After my change to gzip the man pages before installing them,
I had to make a couple more changes to get "make distcheck" to pass.

Reviewed by Craig Silverstein.

2011-10-25 01:49 Fergus Henderson <>

*, man:

Gzip the man pages before installing them.

This is required by the Debian policy manual
and is also assumed by our packaging/RedHat/rpm.spec file
which we use for building both RPM and Debian packages.

Also some whitespaces changes; only the first of the
four segments in this patch has non-whitespace changes.

2011-10-25 00:42 Fergus Henderson <>

* ChangeLog, NEWS,

Update the NEWS and ChangeLog files, and set the version number to
in preparation for releasing distcc version 3.2.

Reviewed by Craig Silverstein.

2011-10-24 23:26 Fergus Henderson <>

* doc/web/man/distcc_1.html, doc/web/man/distccd_1.html,

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